Who we are

Loudoun Internal Medicine Associates (LIMA) formed when Dr. John Andrew joined Dr. Cook in Leesburg in 1986. We moved to Lansdowne in 1997 and have been growing since. LIMA was an early supporter of Nurse Practitioners in Internal Medicine. We act as a training site for local programs. Our three Nurse Practitioners, Amy Emery, Kathleen Pelkofski and Robin Woyach received part of their training within this practice. Our experienced and certified Internists include Geetha Pillai and Richard Kim. Combined we have 104 years experience in Internal Medicine.

Medicine is changing rapidly. Advances in both diagnostic technique and treatment are announced weekly. As a small group we have grown in the breadth and depth of the clinical services that we offer our patients. We work effectively together to stay current with cutting edge medicine. Each of us exceeds the yearly required minimum of 30 hours of medical education through self-study, online courses and special meetings. We look forward as medicine changes. We see our practice purposely transitioning to include the benefits of modern communications technology. We believe that health requires good health practices be applied everywhere you live and work. The home is the first on the list.

Health is based on five vital factors: environment, diet, exercise, rest and genetic risk. Every patient in our practice is unique. We base our advice and treatment on a detailed appreciation of what you need.

Drs. Cook and Andrew now are in an MDVIP practice in downtown Leesburg at the Cornwall Medical Pavilion. For more information about them, please click here.

  • Richard Kim, MD, FACP

    Richard Kim, MD, FACP

    Dr. Kim has been with LIMA since 2003. He enjoys the practice of medicine and the relationships that he has…

  • Geetha Pillai, MD, FACP

    Geetha Pillai, MD, FACP

    Dr. Pillai has been with LIMA since 2001. She is known for being a good listener and for her easy…

  • Thomas Feely, MD

    Thomas Feely, MD

    Dr. Feely has been practicing in New York City, he is returning home. Dr. Feely was born and raised in…

  • Amy Emery, MSN, FNP

    Amy Emery, MSN, FNP

    Ms. Emery joined LIMA in 2009 as a Family Nurse Practitioner, having earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the…

  • Kathleen Pelkofski, MSN, ANP

    Kathleen Pelkofski, MSN, ANP

    Ms. Pelkofski divides her time between LIMA’s two locations. Her patients value her thoroughness and practical advice. Ms. Pelkofski is married…

  • Catherine Williams, MSN, FNP

    Catherine Williams, MSN, FNP

    Catherine Williams is a board-certified family nurse practitioner.  After many years as a critical care nurse, Catherine chose to pursue…